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Kindly be aware that these art pieces are not prophetic paintings but rather the earliest creations of Cristo Xvion, dating back to his teenage years as an artist and continuing into his adulthood. All prints are currently up for purchase. Also note, all prints are considerably worth millions. Cristo Xvion is leveraging his value back to the people.

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A man with long curly hair and a beard stands in the middle of a crowd, demonstrating his power as God, the father of creation. He paints a rainbow in the sky with the palm of his hand and effortlessly steers flying ravens in a specific direction. He creates lightning in the sky with the palm of his hand, leaving a trail of his fingerprints. The crowd is mesmerized, hugging and praising the return of the father of creation.


Amidst the crowd, a gentleman wonders why everyone is calling this particular man God, the father of creation. A woman explains that he has done the impossible, something no man has ever done or seen on Earth. The strange man disagrees, stating that anyone can do what the long-haired bearded man is doing because we all have the power. The man whom the crowd was praising walks towards the gentleman and challenges him to show his power to the people.


The gentleman tries several times to mimic the power, but he fails. The crowd reacts by booing him and throwing rocks and dirt at him. The long curly-haired bearded man walks over to the gentleman and asks if he knows why he failed. The gentleman looks puzzled, and the long curly-haired bearded man explains, "He who seeks power instead of wisdom will always fail. You tried to perform the impossible without the wisdom of knowing how to harness the power of the miraculous."

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A Christian man, a Hindu woman, and a Muslim man are sitting at separate tables in a library. A teenage 13-year-old girl approaches each one separately and asks them if they could join her at her table because it was very important. They all agree. The young girl then asks if they believe their god is the true god of the universe. All three individuals explain in complete detail and show passages as to why they believe their god is the true god.


The young girl then asks if she could show them a video on Instagram. They all agree to watch the video. The video shows a man of color with long curly hair and a beard seemingly making the clouds disappear by the command of his voice. She shows them multiple videos of the man performing the same act and over 300 prediction paintings that have all come to pass. She also shows them over 100 miracles he performed. After playing these videos, she asks the three people why their gods haven't been on social media if they exist, especially during a time when people need god the most.

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Three Christians walk into a nonalcoholic bar: a white man, a black man, and a Hispanic man. All three men order a glass of grape juice. A man of color with long curly hair and a beard is sitting across the bar and offers to buy the gentlemen a drink of water. All three reply, "No, thank you, we’re good." The gentleman across the bar asks if they are sure, and they respond respectfully, "No, thank you." Moments later, the three gentlemen start speaking about God while drinking their grape juice. The gentleman across the bar asks if he could join the conversation. The white man says, "Sure, why not." The black man asks him what church he attends, and the man across the bar responds, "My church is primarily on social media because that’s where the people are." The Hispanic man says, "Interesting. You should really try our church." The man across the bar declines, saying, "No, thank you, I’m okay."


As the three gentlemen continue their conversation about God and his return to Earth, the man from across the bar asks them if they have ever seen God’s face. They all say no. The man across the bar gives them three napkins and suggests, "How about you draw the image of God?" The three gentlemen think it's a good idea and draw their perceptions of God on the napkins. Afterwards, the man across the bar observes, "Hmmm, it seems like you guys have different perceptions of what your God looks like." All three gentlemen look at each other's drawings. The white man asks him, "What does God look like to you?" The man across the bar takes a napkin, draws the image of his perception, and hands it to the three gentlemen. The black man points out, "You drew your own face, what’s up with that?" The man across the bar explains, "If all three of you have a different perception of God's face, why would my face not be my perception?"

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