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Please send us an email indicating the specific prediction art print you would like to purchase using your Cristo Coin. To review our collection of works of art, please click here.

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Leveraging value to empower humanity. AN ART BROKERAGE PLATFORM.

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Introducing Cristo Coin, a revolutionary all-in-one digital coupon and art asset that transcends traditional investment boundaries. Created by the iconic prediction artist Cristo Xvion, Cristo Coin offers a unique opportunity for buyers to invest in prediction art assets at a fraction of their actual value.

Upon purchasing a Cristo Coin at its current value, buyers gain the option to use its identification sequence number to acquire prediction art assets directly from Cristo Xvion, enjoying a generous 20 percent discount. As a result, buyers can establish their wealth instantly through a small investment, acquiring art assets valued at $1M dollars for as low as $100-$500.00.

Cristo Xvion's value, exceeding $600M dollars after the sale of the original prediction work of art "Lily Bomb" in July 2023, is leveraged to provide cost-effective rates for buyers. The daily determination of the Cristo Coin's purchase price is influenced by the number of predicted works of art that come to pass, ensuring the coin's value continues to surge with each successful prediction.

Notably, Cristo Coin holders have the option to convert their digital asset into a physical art asset coin, made of bronze, for a nominal fee of $250.00. This bronze coin, with its intrinsic artistic value, can be traded or sold globally without concerns about currency devaluation, as gold, silver, and bronze become the new standard in the post-U.S. dollar financial system.

Cristo Coin's value is further enhanced by Cristo Xvion's accurate prediction of the fall of the federal reserve, providing buyers with a tangible connection to historical events. As the U.S. dollar loses its global value, the Cristo asset coin becomes a reliable form of collateral, immune to the uncertainties of fiat currencies.

what are the risks?

Here are ten compelling reasons to

invest in Cristo Coin.

1. Asset Control: Unlike NFTs, Cristo Coin holders have full control over their assets without relying on external wallets or dealing with potential scams. Insurance options are available for additional protection.


2. Direct Artist Purchase: Purchasing directly from Cristo Xvion eliminates intellectual property concerns, as he is the sole creator of real-time prediction art.


3. No Gas Fees: Cristo Coin transactions do not incur gas fees, making it a cost-effective investment.


4. Unregulated Crypto: Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Cristo Coin operates as an art asset and does not require regulation.


5. CFTC Exemption: As an art asset, Cristo Coin is exempt from CFTC regulations.


6. Tax Exempt: Enjoy tax exemptions as Cristo Coin is classified as an art asset.


7. No Trading Required: Cristo Coin holders do not need to engage in active trading, simplifying the investment process.


8. Stable Value: As an art asset, Cristo Coin's value either remains constant or increases with successful predictions, ensuring stability.


9. Instant Value: Investors receive immediate value upon purchase.


10. Low Risk: With no trading, regulatory, or value depreciation concerns, Cristo Coin offers a low-risk investment opportunity.

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When adding value to your Cristo Coin, you can only do so by purchasing an art print from the "Art of Cristo" tab. Once you have selected your new art print and its edition number, at checkout, click on "View Cart" and enter your Cristo Number where it says "Enter Cristo Number." After entering your Cristo Number, proceed to checkout, and you will automatically receive a 20% discount on your art print. This step is crucial in enhancing the value of your Cristo Coin.


The purpose of this process is to provide evidence of the art's value associated with a specific Cristo Number. For example, if you bought a $1,000,000.00 art print for $100, and with the additional 20% off using your coin, whose market value is currently $281.60, your Cristo Coin will be revalued at $1,000,281.60.


Subsequently, you have the option to convert your digital Cristo Coin into a physical bronze Cristo Coin, transforming it into a tangible art asset.

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Experience the power of enhancing your Cristo Coin value with our innovative feature – Seeding. As a proud account holder, you have the exclusive ability to inject additional funds into your Cristo Coin, elevating its worth and expanding your financial possibilities. Seeding transforms your account into a dynamic reservoir of value, allowing you to amplify your investment effortlessly.


Embrace the potential for growth and prosperity as you engage in the seamless and user-friendly Seeding process, customizing your Cristo Coin experience to match your financial aspirations. Elevate your investment game with Cristo Coin Seeding and watch your wealth flourish.

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The Cristo Exchange provides a secure platform for buyers to invest, building their own value without the constraints of a controlled market.


All prediction art can be viewed online, providing transparency and proof of the accuracy of Cristo Xvion's predictions. In a market plagued by fraudulent acts, Cristo Exchange stands as a beacon of reliability, empowering buyers to shape their financial destiny.


Visit to explore the world of Cristo Xvion's prediction art.

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What enhances the value of Cristo Coin even further is the accurate prediction captured in his first catalog of prediction paintings, specifically from his art page on Instagram @XVIII. The painting titled "Money Gate" by Cristo Xvion foretold the unplugging of the Federal Reserve on October 5, 2021.


In December 2023, The U.S. Debt Clock displayed a hidden message on its website, confirming the Federal Reserve's unplugging. Currently, the financial system in the United States is in a state of collapse, with BRICS nations on the rise. As of January 1, 2024, the U.S. dollar has lost its global value.

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