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Cristo Xveion is a luxury that primarily targets the younger generation who are not able to afford other high-end brands but with higher quality. Our unisex sunglasses fit snugly without requiring adjusting. With the help of the transparent material and mirror tenting on these glasses, you may conceal your eyes from view.

The design has been branded by the Artist Cristo Xveion whose background consists of the arts and is considered a legend for creating prediction works of art. While he has the ability to look into the future, he wishes to bring Xveion to you so that you can be a reflection of the future. Sunglasses sales proceeds are used to buy comic books, financial literacy materials, and sunglasses, which are then freely given to young people worldwide between the ages of 12 and 18.


We want to help young people develop a vision for their future and equip them with the financial literacy they need to operate a business as young entrepreneurs. 

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