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We are thrilled to introduce an exciting opportunity for our valued Cristo Coin holders that takes your investment experience to unprecedented heights. You now have the exclusive privilege to convert your digital Cristo coin asset into a tangible work of art – a physical art asset coin crafted from exquisite bronze. For a nominal fee of $250.00, this transformative option offers a convergence of art and wealth preservation.


Each bronze coin is a testament to the uniqueness of your investment journey, minted with precision and bearing not only your individual Cristo serial number but also encapsulating the accrued value of your asset. These physical manifestations of your digital wealth hold intrinsic artistic value, turning each coin into a cherished masterpiece.


But the true magic lies in the global potential of your physical Cristo asset coin. Trade or sell it confidently on the international stage, unburdened by concerns about currency devaluation. As gold, silver, and bronze emerge as the new benchmarks in the post-U.S. dollar financial system, your bronze coin becomes a symbol of enduring value and a versatile asset in a dynamic and evolving economic landscape.


Seize this unique opportunity to make your mark in the intersection of art and finance. Your Cristo Coin isn't just an investment; it's a tangible representation of your foresight and an asset with global trade potential.


Welcome to a new era of investment with The Cristo Exchange.



    Your Bill of Sale is included with your bronze Cristo Coin.

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