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Unveiling a dynamic feature for Cristo Coin holders: the automatic deactivation upon art asset purchase. Once a Cristo Coin has been utilized in acquiring an art asset, it enters a temporary dormancy. To reactivate the coin and unlock its full potential, the holder simply pays a reasonable reactivation fee.


Upon reactivation, the magic unfolds. The current market value of the Cristo, dynamically determined by the number of successful predictions and artistic achievements, is seamlessly added to the value of the specific coin associated with its unique serial number. This innovative process ensures that your reactivated Cristo Coin reflects its true worth, accounting for the ongoing growth and influence of the iconic Cristo Xvion's artistic prowess.


This revolutionary feature not only adds an element of flexibility to your investment strategy but also ensures that your Cristo Coin continues to evolve alongside the artist's flourishing success. Embrace the power of reactivation, and watch your Cristo Coin rise to new heights in tandem with the ever-expanding realm of Cristo Xvion's artistry.



    The price of Cristo Coin is subject to change without notice, as it is influenced by the surging and dynamic nature of the Cristo Coin market. Investors should be aware that fluctuations in the market value of Cristo Coin may occur, and the depicted price at any given moment may not reflect real-time changes. It is advisable for investors to stay informed about market trends and regularly check for updates on the current price of Cristo Coin. The Cristo Exchange reserves the right to modify prices based on market conditions, and users are encouraged to exercise due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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