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The Cristo Xvion Love Coin is a symbol of the evolution of love. In a world filled with hatred towards one another, let this Valentine's Day be an occasion to express appreciation for what matters most. Without love, understanding the intent behind someone's actions becomes elusive. Instead, the world often resorts to judgment based on their disapproval of an individual's actions. Love is what initiates the conversation about why someone performed an action that others deemed wrong.


Unlike the Cristo Coin, which accumulates its value solely from prediction art, The Cristo Xvion Love Coin derives its value based on donations as well. When one of Cristo Xvion's prediction works of art occurs, $1.60 will be added to the Love Coin. When the community donates to the coin, the donations also become the value of the coin.


The Cristo Xvion Love Coin can still be used as a discount coin and can be utilized to purchase any art print from the Art of Cristo.


Inscribed on the back of the coin 

“Love is the evolution of feelings and actions becoming one in the same. The Cristo Xvion Love Coin”


Please allow up to 48 hours to deposit your Cristo Coin into your Cristo Wallet.


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    This is a digital coin with a unique serial nunber. If you would like to obtain a physical version of this coin, you can convert your coin for a minting fee of $100.

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